About us and our services

My name is Lynne Beauchamp. I am registered corporate coach. I have worked as a director in the health care and social services industry for more than 28 years. I launched my business coaching career three years ago in order to help managers be the best versions of themselves.

The workplace has changed so much over the years, and being a strong leader in these difficult times is not an easy task. Balancing all your roles, such as your career life, your family, and alone time, is also a big challenge. This requires a lot of discipline and organizational skills. 

My experiences have enabled me to develop several tools and skills to help you be more confident in your role in management and to improve your intuition. This will help you develop better strategic planning and problem-solving abilities and thus maximize positive impacts.

I have had the privilege to support newly promoted managers of different levels, executives, and leaders in several sectors: public, governement, and private, at all levels. I provide coaching of all types such as, new promotion support, career changes,  skills development,  or new entrepreneur venture. Whether it’s for the purpose of leadership development or resolution of various issues such as, communication difficulties, managing  certain type of employees, stress management, conflict management, decision-making, or self-confidence issues, my commitment is to be there for you and support you through it all! 


I am an accredited RCC coach (registered corporate coach) recognized by the WABC and ICF.

Fields of expertise in coaching

  • Individual coaching;
  • Corporate coaching (institutional-facilitator);   
  • Team coaching;
  • Strategic coaching- long and short term planning
  • Conflict resolution, mediation
  • Analyzing and finding solutions to prevent toxic work environments

My mission is to support people who want to progress in their professional life, in order to realize their full potential.  Be the BEST version of yourself. 

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